Eli Goldratt once said: Information is the answer to a question, everything else is data.1
If the question is known and unambiguous, then a web-page or automated phone service is often sufficient to provide the information required.
The problem occurs when the question is uncertain, or there is more than one answer.
In these circumstances one needs the assistance of an expert, either to refine the question, or to assist in choosing the most appropriate answer from a set of answers.
Sometimes one just needs to speak to someone.

A beta release demo page of 'Click to Connect' functionality has been added here.
These buttons connect to Asteroute services, the Call Routing PlansĀ  of which can be examined here. (logon as pub/pub for read-only access)
By enabling a caller to call from a page, the call has context. The page might be a FAQ, Sales, or complaints page. 'Click to Connect' connects the caller to the specific Call Routing Plan that has been designed to service that specific class of calls.

1Goldratt E.M. 1990 The Haystack Syndrome: Sifting Information Out of the Data Ocean. New York: North River Press