Call processing ends with a termination node. There is no associated Selector type for termination nodes, the node property is set in the Node Detail column.

Double-clicking in the Node Detail input box will provide a list of announcements for PLAY and DIALINPUT


  • has no property - the call is simply terminated.


  • The Node Detail column will contain either a telephone number, with country code e.g. 44207123456 (UK 0207 123456)
  • or a SIP URI with optional port e.g. or 124578@ (<extension>@<server IP>:<port>)


  • Play the selected announcement and hang up.


  • play the announcement specified in the Node Detail box, which should instruct the caller to enter the number to dial, with country code, without leading zeroes; and then dial the number that the caller has input using the phone key-pad.